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Industrie-Club Düsseldorf

Advisory councilof the Industrie-Club Düsseldorf

The Advisory Council of the Industrie-Club currently has 17 members:

Dr. Wulff Aengevelt
Heike Cohausz-Voss
Felix Droste
Moritz Graf zu Eulenburg
Prof. Dr. Richard C. Geibel
Susan von Heill
Dr. Olaf Huth
Marcus A. Ketter
Peer Knauer
Prof. Dr. Dirk Matejovski
Dr. Ulrich Michaelis
Dr. Peter Minuth
J. Manuel von Möller
Dr. Hendrik Otto
Anne-José Paulsen
Werner Schaurte-Küppers
Friedrich Springorum

Its function is to perform the tasks allocated to it in the statutes or by the general membership meeting and to provide advisory support to the Executive Board.